Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows
Nguni Stacking Cows

Nguni Stacking Cows

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5 chunky birch ply Nguni cows packaged in beautiful cotton drawstring bag. (8cm wide x 6.5cm high)

Perfect for stacking and imaginative play. Pairs beautifully with our birch ply Ndebele Play Houses.

See info below to make the most of your Nguni herd.

Stacking toys allow for a host of learning opportunities from about the age of 6 months onwards. Here are some important skills that you can develop with your little one and our stacking cows through quality play time.

Fine Motor Skills
Picking up items and placing them helps to develop the important skill of grasp and release as well as how to control and position fingers. 

Visual and Spatial Perception
Stacking and nesting works on depth perception, hand-eye-coordination and understanding where your body is in space. As you place each piece on top of another, you have to visually gauge where you place that piece in relation to yourself and to the other pieces.
As confidence grows, so does control and pressure and soon you will be able to position the pieces on top of each other in such a way that they do not fall over.

Balance, Trunk Control and Gross Motor 
From 6 months onwards, babies are practicing postural stability, sitting up on their own and co-ordinating their movements. Sitting up and stacking allows them to stabilise their core as they move about and use their hands.

Crossing The Mid Line
Practice the use of the right hand to cross over the centre of the body and function in the left hemisphere and vice versa. Place the pieces on the left side of the body, near the hip and then allow them to make use of their right hand ONLY to grasp the wooden cow. Alternate.

Language Concepts and Creative Play
Make use of every opportunity to engage in language and the learning of new words and concepts through out of the box thinking.
Our cows are great for:
- animal sound discussions
- counting
- learning prepositions
- sequencing
- making up games
-telling a story

Practice turn taking with your little one too, it's never too early to start.